RT Training Course

28-11-2011 (start) 29-11-2011 (end) 09:00 to 18:00
Training Room, CESCA, Edifici Annexus, Gran Capità, s/n, Barcelona

In collaboration with Best Practical, we organize a two-day workshop on the new features of the new version of free software incident management Request Tracker (RT) 4.

The first day covers RT basics and concepts, concentrating on giving you an RT vocabulary and introducing you to parts of the basic and admin UI. Installing, upgrading and deploying RT. Mail and command line access to RT. Escalations and notifications using the backend tools. Finding and installing extensions for RT and a walkthrough of common and popular extensions.

The second day covers deeper exploration of the Admin UI covering Users, Groups, ACLs, Lifecycles, Scripts, Templates, Approvals and Articles. Database administration and Full Text Searching. Using external authentication with your RT. Learn to build your own RT extension to apply customizations in a way that minimizes conflicts during an upgrade.


RT Administration

  • RT basics and concepts
  • Installing RT
  • Users and Groups
  • Building flexible rights models
  • Authenticating your users
  • Integrating RT into your email flow

Easy Customizations

  • Preferences and configurations
  • Saved Searches
  • Dashboards
  • Advanced views, reporting and notifications
  • Basic approvals
  • Localization and internationalization
  • Lifecycles
  • Articles
  • Integrating extensions ans a tour of common plugins

Advanced Customizations

  • RT API
  • Commandline Interface
  • Data Model
  • Building an Extension
  • Profiling and Debugging RT
  • Tuning RT and your Database

Q&A session with Best Practical engineers




CESCA users can sign up for the training session at a reduced fee (USD 1,196 per person for two days). Please contact trainingatbestpractical [dot] com and mention that you heard about the class through CESCA.