These are some of the R&D and innovation projects for which we provide support via computing resources and specialized programs.

  • Industrial Ring

    Initiative that boosts the industrial catalan competitiveness from, among others, the inter-connection of business sectors and of high-technology resources.
  • Supercalculus

    Cooperation project on industrial research which consists in the creation of a demonstrator of computing applications with extreme computational needs.
  • Formula Student Spain

    Car racing in which CESCA offers its supercomputing hardware in order to realize simulations on single-seaters behavior.

    NUMEXAS European project aims to develop, implement and validate the next generation of numerical methods, meaning a step forward in supercomputing exascale.
  • CloudFlow

    CSUC participates in the CloudFlow project through the automobile headlight design-thermal simulation of lighting systems experiment.

    European project to develop a catalogue and archive of the Gaia mission of the European Spacial Agency (ESA).