Connection Procedure

To connect to the Anella Científica, a membership application must be made. If an institution meets the requirements, a series of administrative and technical steps are performed to make the connection.

  • Process Description

    The process of connection to the Anella Científica includes various administrative and technical steps.

  • Membership Categories

    To qualify for a connection, an institution should perform an activity included in the list of Anella Científica membership categories.

  • Membership Application

    The institution must submit a written membership application with attached documentation explaining its activities.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

    We provide IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to institutions that connect to the Anella Científica.

  • Routing

    We recommend the use of dynamic routing to improve the availability of your institution's network.

  • Delegation of Reverse DNS Zones

    We manage the secondary servers of the reverse DNS zones of the domains of institutions connected to the Anella Científica.