Monitoring panel for the Anella Científica

The Anella Científica monitoring panel shows the state of trunk connections as well as several services of the Anella Científica in real-time usage statistics.

Within the panel, the user can access to the Anella Científica nodes traffic information on the one hand, which are Campus Nord and Telvent, and to the traffic between the Anella and CATNIX and the Anella and RedIRIS. Overall, the user can check not only the operating state connection but also the capacity of this connection being used, both in sent or received traffic.

On the other hand, this tool also offers the state verification of different services provided by the Anella Científica such as DNS, DNS resolver, proxy, Eduroam and FTP, and time statistics are shown when carrying out a series of verifications.

In the case of the DNS or DNS resolver, a recursive checking is done on the domain; web consultations are done in proxy; in Eduroam connection is verified through proxy-radius; and in the FTP case, both the login and the download of files up to 100 MB are taken into account.

All the information is provided in real-time, so it allows a proactive action in case of incidence of any connections or services. Information on the connections and services state is public. Representatives from the institutions connected to the Anella Científica have access to real-time detailed statistics indeed.