Network Services

The Anella Científica provides various services that improve network use to maximize benefits through video-conferencing, telephone calls, et cetera.

  • Multimedia

    Provides native multicast in IPv4 and IPv6, and a video-conferencing service to institutions that request it.

  • DNS

    Improves security and availability of the domain name system (DNS) and the systems of the Anella Científica member institutions.

  • Proxy-cache

    Reduces the bandwidth used and response time for queries of the most frequently accessed pages.

  • Ftp-mirror

    Provides software that may be freely distributed and demo versions.

  • Direct Access

    Allows Internet access to member institutions of the Anella Científica that are not affiliated with RedIRIS through their own access points.

  • 24x7 Service

    Resolves communications incidents that occur outside our working hours.

  • Voice over Internet on the Anella Científica

    Transmits telephone calls to Barcelona from institutions outside this province.

  • Time Server

    Synchronizes the computer system clocks to ensure they function correctly, thus enabling consistent machine logging.

  • Dedicated circuits and temporary upgrades

    It allows the creation of dedicated layer 2 circuits for projects and temporary bandwith upgrades for specific events or tests.