Description and Topology

RedIRIS-NOVA is a network based on dark fiber and optical technology, with 15 fiber rings and about 60 points of presence, two of them in Catalonia. The first of these, situated in Campus Nord, has several lambdas (wavelength) of 10 Gbps, three of them are for the regular traffic of Anella Científica, two for the interconnection between the Campus Nord and Itconic nodes, and the rest are dedicated to special projects (PIC, BSC, i2CAT...).

The second point of presence, situated in Itconic, is also connected with three lambdas of 10 Gbps for the regular traffic and two more lambdas for the interconnection between the Campus Nord and Itconic nodes.

For the IP level, the aforementioned implies that the Campus Nord node of the Anella Científica is connected to Valencia, while the Itconic one is connected to Zaragoza.

The mesh structure of the Spanish network optimizes the load distribution and provides better redundancy.

Externally, RedIRIS is connected to the pan-European research network, GÉANT, and the CATNIX Internet exchange point in Barcelona and the Espanix Internet exchange point in Madrid. It also connects to the Portuguese FCCN research network and has several international connections over commercial lines.