The Point of presence

The RedIRIS-NOVA nodes in Catalonia (Campus Nord and Itconic) have several Alcatel-Lucent 1626 Light Manager platforms and also management equipment (switch, server and out-of-band access).

Furthermore, the node in Campus Nord has also layer 2 (Juniper EX4200) and layer 3 (Juniper M10i) pieces of equipment for some special projects and IP connections, like the link with Illes Balears and the connection with CATNIX, among others.

Both nodes in Campus Nord and Itconic provide all the connections with Anella Científica. At Campus Nord there are 9 connections of 10 Gbps: 3 for regular traffic, 4 for special projects and 2 for the Anella Científica intern connection. Furthermore, there is another connection for the EX4200 equipment, and another one for a project. At Itconic there are 5 connections: 3 of them are for the backup exit from Anella Científica and 2 more are equivalent to the Anella Científica intern connection.