Incident Response Team

The Incident Response Team of the Anella Científica (CSUC-CSIRT) helps the institutions improve the security of their networks, both by detecting possible incidents and by helping once these occur.

It coordinates and manages the resolution of security incidents on the Anella Científica and provides a point of contact for reporting, identifying, and analyzing the impact and the treats which occur, in addition to proposing solutions and strategies for mitigation.

CSUC-CSIRT also disseminates the critical warning notifications of imminent threats via the distribution lists and provides technical support on IT security technologies (analysis of traffic, security of the perimeter, etc.).

  • Proactive Services

    These services help to detect possible anomalies in order to protect the systems.

  • Public PGP Keys

    It makes possible a secure communication with our Incident Response Team of the Anella Científica (CSUC-CSIRT)

  • Report an incident

    Report on security incidents through this form.