Success Stories

You'll find here several sucess stories related to all the services.

  • Functional food

    Lluís Arola, specialized in biochemistry of nutrition, is the coordinator of the research group in Nutrigenomics at the Universitat Rovira Virgili (URV). A part of this group, lead by Gerard Pujadas and Santi Garcia-Vallvé, uses Chemoinformatics tools and techniques to predict natural molecules that could be used as additives in functional foods in the future.

  • Live broadcast of an opera through 3D technology

    The Anella Científica (Scientfic Ring) technology makes possible a live broadcast with 3D technology and cinematographic quality in the fifth edition of the Digital Barcelona Film Festival (DiBa 2009).

  • Data storage in molecules

    Eliseo Ruiz and its team of the Inorganic Chemical Departament and the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (IQTC) of the Universitat de Barcelona study the magnetic properties of a type of molecular compounds with a view to a possible use in the data storage field.

  • Saturn's Giant Storms behaviour is now understandable

    A group of scientists provided the clues to understand why the storms on Saturn are formed after having analysed the evolutions of the Great White Spot from 2010. The results are published in "Nature Geoscience".