Digital Certification

With a digital certificate, users can guarantee their identity on the internet. Therefore, the digital certificate is useful for:

Digital signatures

Guaranteeing that a document is the original, that it has not been modified, and that it is being sent by the person signing it.

Ensuring communications

Making it possible to encrypt communications between two people in such a way that the information sent can only be unencrypted by the intended recipient.

Guaranteeing the authenticity of the recipient

Ensuring that the recipient of an encrypted message is the correct person and has not been substituted.

Identifying users for restricted access areas

Making it possible to identify a user on a server with restricted access, which is a more secure substitution of the username and password authentication systems.

If you belong to one of the member institutions of the Anella Científica or an institution linked to one of these, you can request digital certificates through our Digital Certification Service.

CSUC manages the Digital Certification Service for Universities and Research Centres providing AOC's (Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya) certificates.