Electronic Voting

The electronic voting platform (e-Vot) makes it possible to carry out elections and consultations electronically and to incorporate all of the universities' electoral models.

It Offers

  • A portal for accessing the open elections, where the voters can cast their votes.

  • A management tool which allows the universities to configure elections (define the date and duration of the election, create the electoral roll and the election committee, publish the results, compile statistics, and more).

It Guarantees

  • Integration with any computer system for its administration.
  • Anonymity in the voting process.
  • Fast and precise vote counting and auditing.
  • Improved accessibility for blind and disabled voters over traditional voting.

The e-Vot platform is housed in our e-Administration cluster and is readily available. This platform has been developed and adapted to the university environment by Scytl Secure Electronic Voting.