Projects and Collaborations

Our support for R&D and innovation extends beyond the services we provide to our users. We collaborate with institutions and businesses on projects which benefit from our e-infrastructures and the team of professionals here at CSUC.

  • Description of the Service

    We participate on R&D and innovation projects and offer you our e-infrastructures and our experience to execute your projects.

  • Supercomputing

    Consult the R&D and innovation projects which we collaborate on and which benefit from supercomputers, our specialized programs, and our professional support.

  • Communications

    Thanks to the Anella Científica, very diverse institutions participate in research and can experiment on high-level networks.

  • Repositories

    In addition to the implementation and the management of the repositories, we have participated as a technological partner in the development of various projects for other institutions (PADICAT, RECYT, etc.).

  • Others

    Outside of the area of technology, we offer our collaboration on all of the activities in which we can help improve the university and research system.