Cleaning service, DDD and waste collection

The objective of this service is the joint procurement of ordinary and extraordinary cleaning services, of ordinary disinfection, pest control and anti-rat extermination, and the selective collection of solid waste. 

The group was created in June 2014 with a pilot study to measure in detail the needs and the cleaning budget of the UPC. More studies focused on resizing were made later on, and the service was bid to UPC, UOC and PCB. Additionally, other universities benefited from the methodology and teamwork to autonomously request for bids and get similar results. 


- Rigor in defining needs and sizing of the budget.

- Automation of the purchase and new methodology for a sheet of service, not hours. 

- Positive discrimination of companies with better service (vs. price). 

- Personalized lots for each university. 

- Water and cleaning products saving.

- Subsequent quality follow-up through audits and appropriate penalties. 

How it works?

It should be pointed out that the transformation from an hour to a service model is the most important change on this joint procurement. Unlike the classic model of presence and number of hours, quality becomes here the top priority.  

The system is based on the automation and optimization of processes and the technical knowledge of the companies, that thanks to the joint procurement enjoy greater autonomy in management and have greater incentives to implement cutting-edge innovations in the sector. Quality audits take place periodically, making corrective measures if necessary. 


For further information on this service:

Sonia Garcia
Joint Procurement Expert
93 551 6217
sonia [dot] garciaatcsuc [dot] cat