Description and Use

CSUC offers a specialized service to universities and entities of its surroundings consisting in the acquisition of goods and services throughout the participation and collaboration of all of them, taking advantage of synergies, adding knowledge and adapting to their needs with a specific focus for each purchase. The objective is not only to achieve savings, but also to improve management. Becoming a member is voluntary. Members pay a fee at the beginning of the year depending on the volume of purchase to cover the costs associated to it. 

These are some of the benefits that joint procurement provides to participating institutions:

  • Savings: both the volume and the professionalization of the purchase make the group push for lower prices.
  • Simplification of procedures: thanks to the collaborative work, tendering and processing tasks are centralized in CSUC, reducing the workload of the participating entities. 
  • Best practices and sharing experiences as the collaborative process promotes knowledge transfer between participating institutions. 
  • Strength in dialogue in front of providers. 
  • Benchmark.


For further information on joint procurement of general services:
Elena Parpal
Joint Procurement Director
93 205 6783
elena [dot] parpalatcsuc [dot] cat


For further information on ICT shared services: 
Xavier Peiró
ICT Services Director
93 551 6206
xavier [dot] peiroatcsuc [dot] cat