Laboratory gases

The objective of this service is that centers can provide gases in bottles, dewars, liquids and solids in tanks from a maximum price that will be established in the framework agreement, including facilities maintenance as well. 

In derivatives, centers will report the characteristics of their facilities and needs in volume, so they will receive offers tailored to their needs using a simple system to facilitate the recruitment of the service. 

The group is working on the preparation of the products catalogue and the minimum conditions required for a good service. 



  • Rigor in defining needs and sizing of the budget.
  • Purchase technification. 
  • Selection of companies suitable for the service. 
  • Definition of maximum prices.
  • Tailored catalog to the needs of all centers.
  • Exchange of information between group members.
  • Solutions to technical problems. 
  • Change management, especially on the supply of liquids in tanks.
  • Assessment of the service quality and flexibility in logistics.

How it works?

All those interested in participating in the preparation of the framework agreeement may contact CSUC to join the working group. Once the framework agreement is formalized, managers can invite selected companies to participate in a derivative contest to establish a closing price (center-adjusted) and the necessary volumes to supply the center. 


For further information on this service:

Sonia Garcia
Joint Procurement Expert
93 551 6217
sonia [dot] garciaatcsuc [dot] cat