Consortial Borrowing (PUC)

The PUC or consortial borrowing is a free service that allows users from any consortiated library borrowing items from any other consortiated library.

University libraries participating in the PUC are UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV, UOC, URL, UVic-UCC, Tecnocampus and the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

Users of this service are CSUC members belonging to the following groups:

  • Undergraduate students, 1st and 2nd cycle,
  • graduate students, 3rd cycle, masters and doctoral students,
  • professors and research staff in universities and users of the Biblioteca de Catalunya,
  • universities and Biblioteca de Catalunya staff,
  • other authorized users.

Users must be registered in their database institution and must not have passed the expiration date or be locked in the circulation service of their own library. If a user is suspended in his circulation service library he will be also suspended in the PUC.

Documents that can circulate are:

  • All CSUC library documents, except the ones that every library decides to exclude, as recommended literature, reference books, magazines or old books.
  • If the user institution has an available copy, the user can not request the document through the CCUC. In this case the user can make the request through the catalog of its own institution.

The number of documents and days that a document can be borrowed is:

User TypeNumber of DocumentsPrinted Document DaysAudiovisual Days
Graduate students, 1st and 2nd cycle4105
Graduate students, 3rd cycle, masters and doctorals students8205
Professors and university researchers and users of the Biblioteca de Catalunya8205
Universities and Biblioteca de Catalunya staff8205
Other authorized users4105

The maximum number of documents includes both the user has requested or has borrowed through the PUC as those they are returning to the institution where they belong.

How to request and pick up the documents

You can request them directly through the interface PUC or in situ at the library that owns the documents.

The user must identify itself and indicate in what library wants to pick up the document. Some days after the user will receive an email communicating him that the document is reserved for him for four days.

If the user goes directly to the library that owns the document, an institution card must be shown.

How to renew loans

Loans can be renewed up to 4 times as long as they have not been reserved by another user and the renewal is made within the loan term.

Renewals can be made

  • Via web, through ‘My Account’ (in the institution library catalogue)
  • In the user's own library

How to return the documents

User can return the documents to any own institution libraries or to any library of the institution that owns the document.

Keep in mind that the loan will be recorded in the user record till the institution that owns the document will receive the documents.

The user is required to return the documents during the term of the loan, unless it have authorized a renewal, and he is required to do that in the same physical conditions that them have been provided.

If the user is unable to request documents from the CCUC:

  • Some copies that are not available for PUC may be available through the traditional interlibrary loan service of the user institution (also accessible through the CCUC, clicking + Biblioteques ) or,
  • please contact your library.

If the user returns the documents with delay:

  • They will apply a day penalty for each day of delay and for each document.
  • The application of this penalty is regulated by the circulation rules of each institution.

If documents are not returned or the user returns them damaged:

  • The user must return them with copies of the same edition or similar characteristics or must pay the equivalent cost set by the CBUC annually.
  • Until this is accomplished, the user will be excluded from this service, regardless of other measures that may apply.