Research Repository of Catalonia (RECERCAT)

RECERCAT (Dipòsit de la Recerca de Catalunya) is a cooperative archive of digital documents that includes the research literature of the universities and research institutions of Catalonia, such as heretofore unpublished articles (preprints), conference papers, research reports, working papers, final theses and technical reports.

The main objective of RECERCAT is to increase the visibility of research carried out in Catalonia and to contribute to the world movement for a free archive of academic output and research on the Internet, organized by the institutions that finance research, in order to create alternatives to the model of paying for access to information that has been produced by the institution itself.

The objectives of RECERCAT are:

  • To increase the visibility of document, authors and their institutions, and research produced in Catalonia in general.
  • To facilitate publication via self-loading of document.
  • To add value to document by means of standardised citations, consultation statistics, permanent addresses and preservation mechanisms.

The documents included in RECERCAT are open-access and are subject to licenses Creative Commons.

If you wish to include a published article in RECERCAT and are not sure of the publisher or journal's copyright policy, check the summary of the permissions that are normally given as part of the agreement on transfer of author copyright to publishers on the SHERPA/ROMEO list. If the publisher or journal where the article was published is not on the list, please contact the publisher directly.

RECERCAT works with the open-source program, DSpace. This program was created by the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) and the company, Hewlett Packard. This application allows searches by author, title, university, research centre, etc. It also allows you to subscribe to the alert service for a collection, whereby subscribers are informed by e-mail each time a new document is submitted.


If you want to contribute to RECERCAT or to receive more information, you could write an email to recercatatcsuc [dot] cat.