DC4Cities, an environmentally sustainable data centers for smart cities

The goal of DC4Cities, the European project called "An environmentally sustainable data centre for Smart Cities", is to optimize urban energy consumption in data centers to become more environmentally friendly. The project is defined in the frame of Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research and technological development of the European Union and starts September 1st. The Centre de Serveis Científics i Acadèmics de Catalunya (CESCA) is one of the three partners who will develop this project in Barcelona, to convert the Catalan capital in a reference smart city.

More and more often, smart cities need their data centers to be located in its same region. To do it, optimizing energy savings for these centers embeddeding them in the city without degrading its environment, it's a must. Based on this premise, DC4Cities bets for the unified management of IT loads (Information Technology) and accounting of available energy, allowing data centers to be able to adapt their power consumption depending on of the amount of renewable energy available. The ultimate goal of this approach is maximizing the use of renewable energies, respect the total amount of energy consumption.

The project involves institutions and companies from Belgium, Italy, Denmark, France and Spain. In Spain, CESCA, l'Institut Municipal d'Informàtica (IMI) and the company Gas Natural Fenosa, will execute DC4Cities. This role of CESCA is coordinating the project trials to be held in Barcelona, Milan and Trento. In the specífic case of Barcelona, the results of DC4Cities will be implemented in CESCA data center, the IMI will develop the role of coordinator of the smart city and Gas Natural Fenosa will supply the power to the different data centers.