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  • Introduction to M-Lab, an Open Internet Measurement Platform

    Collin Anderson (M-Lab)

    Walt Wollny, Hurricane Electric
  • Schrödinger Materials Science Event

    In this presentation Dr. Jacob Gavartin will present an overview and applications of the Schrödinger Materials Science Suite followed by a discussion and hands-on workshop session.
  • PeeringDB: what is and how it works?

    Maria Isabel Gandía (CSUC).
  • Introduction to Schrödinger Software

    Seminar on Introduction to the Schrödinger Software led by the Schrödinger Head of Education Initiatives, Dr. Jas Bhachoo.
  • Application Jukebox User Day

    Desktop and application virtualization via the Jukebox platform.
  • RIPE Training Courses

    RIPE NCC organizes, together with CSUC's collaboration, three on-site training courses on Nov. 4, 5 and 6, respectively: "LIR Training Course", "Basic IPv6 Training Course" and "Routing Security Training Course".
  • 25th ACOnet Anniversary: Near in the Distance 2

    25 years after ACOnet, the Austrian academic and research network, came to light, several activities related to science, technology and art have been organized to commemorate this anniversary.
  • Wiley Day 2014

    This conference, organized by the publishing company Wiley, gathers Catalan and Spanish customers to be hold at CSUC facilities.
  • Cloud Services with the Anella Científica

    The 18th TAC edition presents cloud services that are becoming widespread in the academic and research networks, but also outside them, since they can be of interest to the institutions connected to the Anella Científica.

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