Barcelona and London, virtually dancing together

Academic and research networks allow artists located at more than 1,500 kilometers far away to virtually perform in a single image “The Infinite Bridge” dance show, at the fifth Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW) on May 5.

A group of artists, some in London and some in Barcelona, have virtually danced together on May 5 evening (from 19:30 h to 21:00 h) thanks to the academic and research networks through which "The Infinite Bridge" show has been broadcasted.

Using music, theater, dance, computer-generated graphics and live connections, the artists have told the story of a girl trapped in a cold and mundane existence who escapes into an alternate cyber-world in her dreams. In London, the performance has taken place in the Britten Theatre, whereas in Barcelona the event has been developed at MACBA’s facilities, an institution connected to the Catalan Anella Científica, the academic and research network managed by CSUC.

Apart from MACBA and CSUC, this network performance counted on Institut de Cultura de Ajuntament de Barcelona, collaboration through the European project Specifi, the participation of IGLOR a company of advanced audiovisual solutions, and the HandMadeDance collective, whose dancers base their artistic challenges on finding new experiences for the public and experiment with new stage formats. Aside from the Anella Científica, the broadcasting has been possible using the Spanish RedIRIS network, as well as Janet from the UK, and the pan European Géant.

Assistants at the fifth European Network Performing Production Workshop, held in London on May 4-6, have also participated in several round-tables with artists and technicians. The objective has been the creation of a multidisciplinary platform prone to discussion, making opportunities for collaboration. As a new feature, this 2015 workshop has shed light on promoting brief technology demonstrations and lectures followed by round-table discussions.

About the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop

NPAPW’s fifth edition has taken place at the Royal College of Music, in London, from May 4-6, 2015, with local technic support provided by Jisc, Janet supplier, the UK’s academic and research network. Internet2 and GÉANT Association (formerly TERENA) have been the coordinators which indeed counted on additional technical support provided by the Italian network (GARR) and the Catalan one (Anella Científica), as well as the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Polycom, mdv and GV Multimedia.

About CSUC

At Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) we share and pool academic, scientific, librarian, knowledge transfer and management of associated entities services to boost synergies and economies of scale, improving efficacy and efficiency. We are integrated by the Generalitat de Catalunya and ten Catalan universities more (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdL, UdG, URV, UOC, URL and UVic-UCC).


MACBA is a public institution, opened to citizens and with educational calling, which works to promote art and contemporary cultural practices both national and international, offering multiple visions and generating critical debates on the world that surrounds us.


IGLOR is a technology-based company, dedicated to promoting research and innovation to creative industries. Created in 2010, IGLOR has actively collaborated in different local, national, European and global projects, such as Barcelona Laboratori, the Creative Ring, Barcelona Festival of Song and the APAN culture group.

About HandMadeDance

HandMadeDance is an artistic collective formed by Andrea Just and Neus Ledesma that creates and develops multidisciplinary projects based on movement. HMD bases its artistic challenges on researching new experiences for the public and experiment new stage formats. Since 2011, HMD performs in collaboration with other artists and professionals to bring dance in nonconventional spaces to all audiences. Its projects include facilities combined with photography and architecture, happenings in art galleries and music videos among others. Over the last years, HMD has brought dance to new technologies participating in several international multiplatform projects. 

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