Supercomputing makes it possible, amongst other things, to make precise and reliable weather predictions, to manufacture new products using stronger and more flexible materials, to discover the origin of the universe and of life, and to predict the impact of human beings on the environment.

At CSUC we have supercomputers with different architectures and numerous specialized programs in different areas to satisfy the very diverse needs of scientific computing. We also provide technical and scientific support to our users, so that they can receive the maximum benefit of the use of this equipment whose technology quickly becomes obsolete.

  • Description of the Service

    We offer supercomputing with shared-memory and distributed-memory machines.

  • Supercomputers

    We offer supercomputers with different architectures, so as to satisfy the diverse computing needs of each researcher.

  • Software

    Consult the programs available per area or per supercomputer.

  • Consultation Service and User Assistance

    We advice our users and offer them technical and scientific support so that they can bring out the best in supercomputing.

  • Terms of Use

    We provide the scientific community, both academic and industrial, with supercomputing.

  • Application for Use

    Please fill out and send us the forms to use this service, add new user codes to an existing project, or request more computational hours, amongst other things.