Shared ICT services

We jointly hire ICT services to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of participating institutions. 

  • Description and Use

    ICT shared services improve the position of participating members in front of providers, reduce administrative tasks, homogenizes services, and improve and share experiences between participating institutions.

  • Printing and reprography

    We jointly contract the printing and exploitation and management service of reprography centers.

  • Workplace

    Standardization of ICT infrastructures and homogenization of some of their services are the main objectives of CSUC's workplace service.

  • Telecommunications

    We jointly contract corporate telecommunications services, as well as other maintenance and support services.

  • Datacenter

    We jointly contract the datacenter service to optimize services, share resources and achieve significant savings.

  • Plagiarism detection

    We offer the plagiarism detection and prevention service to all participating institutions to promote and strengthen high academic and research quality.

  • Virtualization and Application Markets

    We offer to universities the capacity to develop an application market with a personalized cloud delivery model.

  • Identity federation (UNIFICAT)

    We offer a trust scheme to the Catalan university and research community to exchange information on their users' digital identity in a secure, honest and confidential way.