Description and Use

Our mission is to collaborate with universities to reduce the effort of adaptation to the Open Science requirements, as well as to increase the visibility of the research done in Catalonia.

This Area is devoted to the promotion of the Portal de la Recerca Catalunya (PRC), whose function is to visualize and disseminate from a single place the research activity carried out in Catalonia in terms of researchers, publications, theses, research groups and projects for the international scientific community, companies, financing organizations and general public. The Portal facilitates open access to scientific productions. In the long term, indeed, it will simplify management processes and support those of evaluation.

The Open Science Area is also responsible for promoting and facilitating the publication in open access of research results (publications and data), and encourages the reuse of research data by supporting the preparation of Research Data Management Plans. We also maintain and improve the outputs of the current repositories (MDC, MDX, RACO, RECERCAT and TDX), as well as we try to increase their content and use. 


For further information on Open Science Area services:

Lluís Anglada
Open Science Director
+34 93 551 6228
lluis [dot] angladaatcsuc [dot] cat

Further information at: