How to connect

To take part in the identity federation as an institution and provide users access to federated resources, it is necessary to include an identity provider (IdP). This IdP must overcome all quality verifications, checking compliance with technical requirements and the federation trust model. Indeed, the institution has to accept the terms and conditions of the federation. 

These are the steps to follow between an university and CSUC to add an IdP to the identity federation:

  1. The university expresses to CSUC its interest in connecting to the identity federation. 
  2. CSUC provides information with the needed requirements to the university. 
  3. The university meets the requirements.
  4. The university indicates to CSUC its IdP metadata URL. 
  5. The university IdP connects to the identity federation validation environment.

    a) The identity federation managers check whether IdP metadata meet all the features listed on the model trust.

    b) The university will hold access tests to a certain set of service providers.
  6. Once the IdP is verified on its validation environment, the process to sign Terms and Conditions begins.
  7. Once the Terms and Conditions document is validated and signed, the identity provider will be active on the production environment of the identity federation.