Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya

The importance of open access and publicly display the research outputs produced in a university, research centres or country made that the General Directotate of Research of the Secretariat for Universities and Research from Generalitat de Catalunya decided to launch the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya (PRC). The coordination of the project is assumed by CSUC together with a working comission of catalan university and research centres members experts. Its first steps started at the end of 2012, and it's opened to the public this 2016 after a restricted access period.

The portal's goal is to display and disseminate from a single place the research activity that is carried out in Catalonia in regard to researchers, publications, groups and research projects for the international scientific community, companies, financial organizations and public in general, thus making open access to scientific output easy. In the long term, the project aims at simplifying management processes as well as to support their evaluation.

The benefits of PRC are:

  • For the Catalan system: give light to the potential of the system as a whole.
  • For universities and research centres: strengthen unified management processes of research data.
  • For researchers: increase the access and visibility of their work.

The Portal is based on the premise of taking advantage of the work that universities and research centres have done on their management research systems (CRIS) and it is intended that the work for the Portal results in improvements in information management within each institution. This is done by jointly deciding agreements of data availability, capturing information through standard formats (CERIF) and interoperability protocols, using common identifiers to avoid ambiguities (for example ORCID for researchers), and promoting open access to scientific production and the use of institutional repositories.

The Portal follows examples and local and international good practices such as: FUTUR. Portal de la Producció Científica dels Investigadors de la UPC, Portal de Producció Científica de la UPF, NARCIS, The gateway to scholarly information in the Netherlands or Danish National Research Database.

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