Printing and reprography

Introduced in 2015, CSUC's printing and reprography work aims to jointly contract the printing service, including copy and digitalization, exploitation and management of reprography centers to streamline printing and homogenize both the equipment and consumables. 

The solution allows the system to be adapted to future e-Administration projects, to streamline and homogenize reprography services and to avoid universities to finance this transformation. 

Six universities (UB, UPC, UPF, UdL, URV and UVic-UCC) and CSUC itself are right now part of this project



  • Change the printing model to cost per page. 
  • Reduce costs thanks to the rational use of print and copy system.
  • Make digitalization easier.
  • Homogenize equipment and consumables.
  • Improve the efficiency of the service with high productivity multifunction printers.


For further information on this service:

Gorka Roldan
Customers and Projects Unit Manager
+34 93 205 6464
gorka [dot] roldanatcsuc [dot] cat