Anella Científica

The Anella Científica is a flexible and reliable infrastructure that connects a wide range of institutions involved in the world of R&D and innovation. In addition to connectivity with different speeds and modes of connection, it offers many associated services.

  • Description and Topology

    The backbone of the Anella Científica is 10 Gbit/s Ethernet technology. It has two points of presence, located in Barcelona, which provide redundancy and improve the reliability of communications. The institutions are connected at different speeds, depending on their needs.

  • Connection Procedure

    Institutions must make a membership application. If an institution meets the requirements, a series of administrative and technical steps are performed to make the connection.

  • Terms of Use

    Institutions can enjoy reduced communications charges by connecting to the Anella Científica.

  • Joined Institutions

    The Anella Científica connects numerous institutions, which are categorized according to their activity.

  • Network Tools

    We offer various tools that can help you manage and improve network performance.