Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point: CATNIX

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is an infrastructure that connects operator networks, content providers and internet service providers (ISPs) to facilitate the exchange of traffic. It streamlines communications by allowing the exchange of local traffic.

In Catalonia, CATNIX also serves as a point of exchange between commercial Internet sites and academic and research sites. This infrastructure connects telecommunications operator networks and ISPs with the Anella Científica and RedIRIS networks.

The Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point (CATNIX) was established in 1999 as a result of the Catalan Information Society Strategic Plan "Catalunya en Xarxa" by a joint initiative of the Government of Catalonia and Localret (Catalan local government ICT consortium) to "establish foundations and define actions to enable Catalonia to play a leading role in the new information society.''

The agreement for its establishment was signed in April 1999 at the initiative of CSUC and with the support of the Information Society Agency.